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Let's Get into Details

Great to meet you, my name is Lindsey and I'm an engineer and a psychic. I believe answers are everywhere. When we work with our spirit guides and the Akashic Records, we can learn more about our intended path, connect with animals, kids and nature to the fullest and achieve what we came here to achieve.

Painting commission: Ria Burgess

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PetWishes: Pet Psychic Service

Hear from your pets! They love to tell you what they want/need, what they do in their sleep and more.

We can also connect to passed pets and their wishes from the other side.

For missing pets, please note that I do not go out and search for them. But we can assess why they left, where they might be, and what physical actions and mind tools need to be done to help call them back. You should always alert your local police, post and search PawBoost or other platform for missing animals.

Portrait with Dog

Quantum Touch Reiki for Pets

Using a method of quantum light delivery studied from monks, aboriginal techniques and my own guides...your pet will feel the love and attention in corners of the body that may not have ever been explored/seen/held. 

Book this session if your pet is experiencing twitching, pain, or just coming to you with sweet eyes like "I need a tune up".

Sessions are usually 20 minutes depending on how much needs to be moved around. 

After the session I'll send any notes or messages that came through that I find important to share. *Reiki I Certified 

Cat Resting

Q&A with Your Spirit Guides

Come with specific questions or we can dive right into what your guides want you to know. 

Everything is on the table that you want to discuss: work, love, dreams, astral work, family, relationships, life questions, sciences, past lives, passed loved ones, etc. 

Bring a pen and paper as we will fly through what needs work, what to look forward to, any clues or symbolism to look out for, and more.

Trees in the Wind

Learn to Read: Akashic, Animals, Nature, People

Learn how to be psychic using the gifts of your imagination and double checking your frequency of truth. In 30 minutes we will cover what your special gifts are in the psychic world, and also connect with your guides for custom instruction on what will get you flowing and connecting.

Afterwards you can practice on your own and then I'd advise to send me a single email if you have questions or need confirmation/validation on anything you found or saw in signs, visions or direct channeling.

To start your journey, here is a free set of BioCodes that open your mind for whatever questions you have.

View of Meditation Garden

Other Platforms to Book From:

Want a last minute reading? Or looking for more testimonials? Check out the platforms below. I'm generally available from Tues-Thurs 5pm-8pm and additional times on these platforms.

Rates vary because of platform costs:

Adult and Baby Elephant
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Details: My open booking hours are Tuesday-Thursday 5pm-8:00pm EST. For custom times, email me at

The session time/date is confirmed unless given further notice. I will send you a pre-call email that includes details and payment directions for PayPal to be paid before the session.

All sessions can be canceled with 24 hours notice by you or me. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be refunded 50% with the other 50% to go towards a rescheduled date. No refunds unless we can't connect to passed spirits, or cannot locate animal in mind.

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