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What if humanity knew how to find any answer?

  Mind Communication  

Dog on Blue
Get a 20 minute reading about what your pet wants, find lost pets, talk to pets who have passed, or come with questions.

Pet Wishes

Come with specific questions or we can dive right into what your guides want you to know. This is an Akashic reading where we identify your path, sometimes your past lives, and can bring forward any loved ones who've passed.
30 minutes.

Q&A with your Guides

Get your house cleared of unwanted energies and entities. I'll also look at specific items that need clearing, or to suggest throwing away, or to shine more attention on.

As a remote service, we start with a call and then about 45 minutes later I will call again with a recap of what was found and what should be done.

For in-house visits, I can service 60 miles from
Downtown Cleveland.

House Clearing


Open booking hours are Tue-Thurs 11-3pm EST. 
Sign up via the booking links above, and I will send you a confirmation email with details and payment information to be completed before the session. If sessions ever run overtime, you will not be charged extra. Payment for the session is through
Venmo or PayPal

I'm also available on Keen Psychics sometimes: PetWishes, or Q&A with Guides

For questions or to request a session at a different time, email Lindsey Frick @ Big Idea Engineer. com. 

  Akashic Reading Class  


Want to learn how to be psychic? Talk to your animal? Or just understand how to make better decisions with your guides?
We make over 40,000 decisions each day! It's important to learn how to use various mind tools to learn what's best for you and your family in every decision big or small.

I offer a one hour all-inclusive class for individuals as well as groups to read Akashic, otherwise known as light. In this class I don't leave anything behind, you will leave with all the tools and worksheets to kickstart your empathy and intuition. Class can be online or in person.

Class is suitable for kids, adults, both, and corporate teams in any industry.

I especially love to teach people in STEM and engineering because I am a mechanical engineer by trade. I know what they need to do for research, new product development, and so forth. 

Contact me for questions and pricing: lindsey frick @ big idea engineer. com.

  Testimonials & Social  

wow wow wow!!! first time caller and she blew my mind!!! Definitely will be calling again!!! Thank you my friend...and my chihuahua is so happy too. 

I can’t believe everything was so spot on and with little details. She knew what was going on and I couldn’t be more thankful for this reading.


This was scary accurate!


Picked up on my situation quickly.

You will not be disappointed.



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