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Let's Get into Details

Hello! My name is Lindsey and I'm an engineer and a psychic. I believe answers are everywhere. When we work with our spirit guides and the Akashic Records, we can achieve what we came here to achieve.

Painting commission: Ria Burgess

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Portrait with Dog

PetWishes: Pet Psychic Service

Hear from your pets! They love to tell you what they want/need, what they do in their sleep and more.

We can also connect to passed pets and their wishes from the other side.

For missing pets, please note that I do not go out and search for them. But we can assess why they left, where they might be, and what physical actions and mind tools need to be done to help call them back. You should always alert your local police, post and search PawBoost or other platform for missing animals.

Trees in the Wind

Q&A with Your Spirit Guides

Come with specific questions or we can dive right into what your guides want you to know.

This is an Akashic Records reading where we identify your path, sometimes your past lives, and can try to bring forward any loved ones who've passed.

Bring a pen and paper as we will fly through what needs work, what to look forward to, any clues or symbolism to look out for, and more.

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Details: My open booking hours are Tuesday-Thursday 7pm-9:30pm EST. For custom times, email me at

The session time/date is confirmed unless given further notice. I will send you a pre-call email that includes details and payment directions for PayPal to be paid before the session.

All sessions can be canceled with 24 hours notice by you or me. If you cancel within 24 hours you will be refunded 50% with the other 50% to go towards a rescheduled date. No refunds unless we can't connect to passed spirits, or cannot locate animal in mind.

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