Education for New Communication

What if humanity knew how to find any answer? That's the question I felt called to answer. I spent many years practicing mind communication so that I could design (with my guides' assistance) simple, fun and effective ways to open the channels to get any answer you wish.

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Ignite a world of new and missed messages and connections in your world.

And learn tools to turn your mind into
a powerful 

15 free biocode clips to ignite your intuition. 

3 questions and guided steps to find your next mission or project and turn it into a reality.

Great for kids, classrooms, and adults!
 Akashic Reading Class 

Learn how to read Akashic, aka light. You'll learn how to find any answer, make universal decisions, stay on path for your dreams/wishes or build new ones, and to connect more deeply with the world around you.

This class is perfect for kids, adults, families, or corporate teams from any industry. 
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