My specialty is using carefully-tuned intuition for STEAM projects. 


Book a session with me to get the clues you need to help solve your research, and/or corporate sustainability issues to build unique and needed solutions.

What to expect:

The call or in-person meeting will start with a series of questions about the problem you or your team wants to solve.


If you haven't decided on a problem to solve and are looking for new opportunities, we can start from scratch to find what problem wants to be solved by you!


Likewise, we can also get confirmations on IF you should be trying to solve the problem you've decided on...sometimes specific problems are for a select person or group to solve. 

We can also run through a list of any science-based questions you have as long as they are formatted as yes or no answers. 


Just bring a pen and paper to write down the clues, your list of questions, or feel free to record the session. I'm also happy to answer any follow up questions via email. 

To get started: 

Send me an email with your name and a generic description of what you are looking to know. If you have an idea of how many yes/no questions you will be asking, please include that number. 


I do not sign nondisclosure agreements because clues are fractal and there is no way of knowing if they duplicate for another answer. However, I will not share the notes with anyone else.


I will then send over a quote with details and schedule times, or I will politely decline if I can't get a clear yes on if I can or should help. Sessions can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on how many questions you bring. 

If you want to get the ball rolling, check out my free playlist of BioCodes which will get your mind attuned for this type of solving.