LuckEEE Beads

LuckEEE: Energy of Everything & Everyone
Carefully crafted art that is intentioned to act as a seamless bio-antenna to the grid for optimal meditation tuning.

It holds a pulse called LuckEEE: Energy of Everything & Everyone.

A special recipe sits inside the resin bead. It looks like sand and gold but is actually made of arranged, natural particles  which take months to solidify.

Vegan, all-natural. Comes on a dyed purple hemp cord which will fade over time. 

Entire assembly is about 1". The bead is less than a half inch on all sides. You can add the bead to other items like hanging plants, other cords, necklaces, etc. It is waterproof but like any resin crystal, may chip over time. 

$20 each (includes shipping)

How to buy:

Send mailing address and how many you'd like to order to
I'll reply to email to confirm the order and estimated delivery date.
Then venmo @lindseyfrick or PayPal $20 each.

Arrives in standard mail.
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